Mariano Mercadante

AmarFood SRL
DescriptionAmarFood sells niche Italian food. With access to hundreds of food producers it is the perfect bridge for food importers who wants to have a structured and convenient approach to the wonderful world of the Italian food
Organization Type SMEs
Organization Size1-10
Founding Year2014
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    Business Offer

    Italian niche Food and Beverage products

    Who is AmarFood?
    AmarFood is a young company which commercializes/exports prime category niche Italian food and beverage out of Italy. The staff is very young on average and all of us have a deep passion ins serving our Customers in the best possible way

    AmarFood don’t produce any food but is a trader who is continuously searching/finding/selecting the best excellences related to the Italian niche little producers and offer them to its Customers; going through Italian food and wine reality is a marvelous journey and AmarFood can be the driver through this

    AmarFood mission is to become the biggest exporter of Italian finest Food and Wine within 2020, with particular specialization in fresh products like buffalo mozzarella, stracciatella, burrata, all (but really all) kind of Italian cheese, other dairy products and also in fresh truffle, other truffle products, cured meats and cheese products, Extra Virgin Olive oil from many Italian regions, balsamic vinegars, pasta, many kind of sauces, appetizers, baked delicacies. The best Italian products with the smartest quality/price ratio

    AmarFood also commercialize fine wines within all the main categories:
    - basic wines, low price: those are decent wines red or white, some of them are even DOC and/or DOCG but they are pretty uknown and they go through an industrial production
    - medium class wines, medium price: those are very good/great wines with an excellent price/quality ratio
    - top wines, medium to high price: those are the most known and popular Italian wines all over the world, such as Amarone, Franciacorta, Barolo, Sassicaia, Brunello, Ornellaia, etc
    - we also have few hand crafted beers

    In case of interest, we can easily provide the list of all these products (circa 250) with some descriptions and the international HS harmonized codes.

    Who are our Customers?
    People who are interested in Italian food & beverage. AmarFood Customers on the B2B side are mainly Distributors and/or Importers in extra CEE Countries as well as Distributors and/or HO.RE.CA. operators in the European Markets, the Customers who choose AmarFood are people who are interested in niche, great Italian food and wine, products which are above the average

    On the B2C side AmarFood is also selling through its website to Consumers just in Europe, with particular focus on UK, Germany and Scandinavia

    Why should you chose AmarFood?
    Our strongest point here is from the logistic point of view, as we can deliver any product (also fresh products) at the Customer desired day and time. And also our competitive advantage is related to the fact that we have access to all products our Customers may need. So our Customers just have to think about managing their job and we think about all the rest. Imagine how difficult it would be for a distributor or even for a restaurant as well as an hotel to be able to deal with multiple little Italian producers, one order for each product, many invoices, no structure at all.

    AmarFood does all this for the Customers and it is the proper link with all the thousands and thousands Italian little producers. So with only 1 player you have access to THE WHOLE Italian niche products world and all you need to do is choose the products you need, there is no constraint in terms of minimum order quantity and you can select a mix of products to taste and decide what best will apply to your Markets

    Where is AmarFood already operating?
    In terms of Markets where AmarFood is already active, here is the list of Countries where we are already working
    South Africa
    United Arabs Emirates

    We sincerely hope to have the chance to meet you and have the honor to work with you.

    Till that moment, we wish you great time

    Mariano Mercadante – AmarFood CEO

    Cooperation Offered
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