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DescriptionPodys an Italian Company part of Podini Holding ,a Corporate Group with international projects. Recently Podini Holding with over 100 years’ experience in food has founded Podys focused on Baby Nutrition. Our main product is Milk Powders with different formulas. In particular Pody’s Plus range features Pody’s One Plus (from 0 to 6 months), Pody’s Up Plus (from 6 to 12 months) and Pody’s Growing UP Plus (from 12 months on) which are enriched with GOS-FOS prebiotics, water-soluble non-digestible and bifidus fibres which support both the natural functionalities of the digestive system and the controlled and proper development of the gut microbiota - bifidus bacteria and lactobacillus- , thus stimulating the body's natural immunological defences. Moreover, Pody’s Plus formulas are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) which are essential for the children’s normal growth by supporting the development of the brain cells, of the nerve cells and of the retina. Omega -3 are essential as the early metabolism of a baby is not able to sufficiently produce them. Besides the milk powders we have also organic biscuit with Gluten-free option which both type of biscuits contain Italian olive oil, butter and sunflower oil. In addition being tasty and organic or gluten-free, they are balanced with saturated-unsaturated fatty acid. Recently we have launched organic chamomile and fennel tea for complete our line of products. Upcoming products are Homogenized, Cereal Creams, Milk Creams, Baby water and Yogurt. Our formulas have been developed by Italian researchers and traditions, focused on different infantile nutrition problems, proved by high numbers of tests based on international and European standards for the needs of children all around the world. Our international vision has oriented our creative trademark to satisfy cultural aspect of each continent.
Organization Type SMEs
Areas of Activities

Agro-food manufacturing, food security, safety and quality control, food traceability, food conservation and shelf life

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    Looking for distributores of Baby Food

    We are looking for distributors of Baby Food in Africa to present a new brand Podys in African markets.

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