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Descriptionkwantis is a consulting company born to help decision makers to invest with greater visibility. kwantis is supporting organisations to identify, evaluate and control future uncertainties in their business plans, in order to successfully negotiate financing. 

In the renewable energy sector, kwantis contributed to draft the IEA – Renewable Energy Technology Deployment report on financial facilitation for renewables projects, aiming at reducing the gap between Renewable Energy Systems (RES) promoters and financing organizations. A key challenge then in obtaining financing at a reasonable cost is the ability to quantify and manage the different elements of risk (i.e. organizational, political, technical, commercial) associated with RES projects. 

kwantis is involved in risk management and investment evaluations (Risk-based business planning) for challenging investment projects and R&D developments, in various sectors (energy and utilities, renewables, infrastructures, transportation, medical) and over four continents. 

Based in Italy, kwantis is held and operated by French, Swiss and Italian nationals, and together with a team of highly skilled and adaptive consultants, have proven their capabilities to work on complex issues in international environments.
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Energy production, renewable energies

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      Business Offer

      Renewables, Energy and Construction projects investment evaluation

      Business growth, innovation, cost reduction and environment compliance are challenges that organisations face through investment. However, future uncertainties can jeopardise investment objectives in terms of profitability, quality, time and cost. Hence, kwantis integrates uncertainties in the investment evaluation and support the decision process with higher visibility, optimisation strategies and leveraged confidence.

      Keywords: InvestmentFinancingRenewablesEnergyConstructionTechnologyInnovationRiskEvaluationFacilitation
      Cooperation Offered
      1. Technical co-operation
      Business Offer

      Support companies in the preparation of financing dossier to banks, international funds

      Any investment decision requires different parties (internal and/or external) to reach a common vision. This common vision is based on confidence and information quality. Independent and skilled in management of uncertainties, kwantis is the ideal third part advisor at any step of investment lifecycle to support companies in preparing financing dossier for banks, international funds and others investment partners.

      Keywords: InvestmentFinancingEvaluationFacilitationRisk
      Cooperation Offered
      1. Technical co-operation