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DescriptionCame S.p.A., a group well-known both in Italy and worldwide in the home and building automation sector, presents itself as a global partner in the field of control in the home and in the world of urban planning and high security, for which it offers integrated solutions for parking facilities and the regulation and monitoring of flows and access points. The group, represented by the Came Safety&Comfort brand, designs, manufactures and markets automation solutions for entrances, home automation and security systems, burglar alarms and video door entry systems, temperature control and LED lighting for residential and industrial environments under the Came, Bpt and Domino LED brands. Thanks to its Urbaco and Parkare brands, it also offers solutions for urban planning and for special projects, systems for managing automated paid parking facilities, access control and the protection of collective environments such as public spaces, squares and streets. With 480 branches and distributors in 118 countries around the world, it has offices in Dosson di Casier, in the province of Treviso, and production facilities in Treviso, Sesto al Reghena (PN), Avignon (France) and Barcelona (Spain). The company has 1,370 employees and recorded a turnover of €231 million in 2013. History Came was founded at the start of the 1970s as the result of an entrepreneurial idea from its current President, Paolo Menuzzo, who founded CM Costruzioni Meccaniche - which then became Came Cancelli Automatici - one of the first companies in Italy to manufacture gate operators. In the 1990s, the company supplemented the production of operators for doors and gates for residential and industrial use with the first product lines dedicated to access control in public spaces, a business that would grow in years to come. In 2004, Urbaco, the industry-leading automatic bollard and urban planning solution company, joined the Group. In 2005, Andrea Menuzzo joined his father at the helm of the company, in the role of CEO, dealing with the development of the internationalisation of the Group through the opening of branches in Europe, America, Asia and through the acquisition of strategic distributors in various foreign markets. The management of institutional relations and the development of projects promoting an entrepreneurial culture amongst young people was, on the other hand, entrusted to Elisa Menuzzo in her role as Vice President of the company. In 2011, the Came Group acquired Bpt, a company specialised in home automation, security and LED lighting technologies, thus consolidating its presence in these industry sectors. In 2014 Parkare, a Spanish company specialised in technology for automatic parking facilities and parking meters, also joined the Group. Made in Italy Came products are certified “100% Original Italian Quality” by the ITPI (Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers). An award in recognition of the Group’s choice to design in Italy, not to relocate assembly and to use external suppliers with which it has established a relationship of mutual trust in over 40 years in business. In 2008, the company was one of the first in the Veneto region to draft a social budget, an instrument that certifies its social, environmental and economic policy and ongoing investment in research and innovation. The company stands out for the fact that it has undertaken social responsibility initiatives, such as the reconciliation of work and family life, as well as training and reinvestment in activities related to the local area. In 2013, Came also drew up a Code of Ethics, with the objective of defining the values ​​that it recognises, accepts and shares when carrying out its business and in its corporate activities. Partnership with Expo Milano 2015 Thanks to its various innovative access control solutions, Came has been selected to be a technological partner by Expo Milano 2015. This means that the Treviso-based firm will develop an innovative access control model to provide surveillance, control and monitoring of the automated devices fitted at all vehicle and pedestrian entrances to the exhibition site and other infrastructure, in order to manage the comings and goings of both staff and visitors. The system will have to manage access by 20 million people, with an average of 140 thousand visitors per day and peaks of 250 thousand - connecting to the Expo Milano 2015 ticketing service and centralised control system. Came will manage the perimeter of the digital smart city with 4 gates for pedestrian entrances and 10 gates for service vehicles. The perimeter access points will be controlled by 226 automatic turnstiles, 24 of which are especially designed to allow disabled visitors to enter. Came will also supply operators for sliding gates, road barriers and 34 bollards for protection and access selection at perimeter vehicle entrances. The Came-designed integrated access control system will also be remotely controlled via handheld devices. The real gem of the technological platform developed by Came is the new Xvia turnstile, specially designed for Expo Milano 2015, which can read all types of accreditation, in paper, QR Code, RFID or NFC format, to grant access to visitors and exhibitors even via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Engineered to integrate with the technologies of all Expo Milano 2015 partners, each turnstile also features biometric reading software to admit authorised personnel only. MASTER BRAND Came Safety&Comfort is the brand that represents Came S.p.A.’s global offerings and develops solutions for home automation, burglar alarms, video surveillance, access control in collective environments such as large public spaces, squares and streets, and the automation of doors, parking facilities and barriers. GROUP BRANDS Came is the leading brand in Italy and worldwide in the design and manufacture of automation systems for residential and industrial environments. Bpt, a historic brand acquired by the Group in 2011, is known throughout Italy and the world for its video door entry and temperature control systems as well as for its solutions to prevent intruders. The Domino LED brand identifies a complete range of solutions related to new light sources, synonymous with cutting-edge technology, 100% Italian design, innovation, functionality and efficiency. It offers solutions for all types of requirement, from residential to the world of retail and commerce, through to large architectural projects. Urbaco s.a., based in Entraigues sûr la Sorgue in France, joined the Group in 2004. The company is a leader in the field of access control, urban planning and the automated management of traffic flows and safety on roads, in both public areas and private environments. Also specialised in producing high security solutions and protecting sensitive objects, Urbaco meets the most stringent requirements concerning resistance to impact, manufacturing custom-made products specifically designed for the needs of different types of customer. The Parkare group, based in Barcelona and Madrid, specialising in technologies for automatic parking facilities and parking meters, was acquired by Came in October 2014. On the market since 1980 with products and solutions serving sustainable mobility, it brings together a consolidated presence in the field of automation and the management of systems for parking facilities, with a strong focus on service and a solid technical reputation, the result of intensive Research & Development. Our project history Came has worked on numerous projects around the world to mention a few: Came access control systems in the paddock areas of European MotoGP circuits, the Panama Canal, Kuwait City Airport, the Barrakka Lift in Malta, Baku airport and the Emergency Center in Georgia; as regards Urbaco high-security installations, we find the bollards at the Pentagon in Washington, the University of São Paulo in Brazil and several embassies in France, the Netherlands and Spain; there are also many examples of Bpt video entry systems and home automation systems, including 1,100 apartments in the Les Etangs residential complex in Luxembourg, the Inmark Tower in Sydney, Australia, the Celia and LESGC Project in New York, Anfa Place in Morocco and the Sky Tower in Poland; there is also a host of Domino LED lighting projects for the supermarket chain Coop, Freddy stores in Rome and Milan and the Mall of Emirates in Dubai. You can also follow Came on the website and on its Linkedin and Facebook profiles.
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    Came S.p.A., a group well-known both in Italy and worldwide in the home and building automation sector, presents itself as a global partner in the field of control in the home and in the world of urban planning and high security, for which it offers integrated solutions for parking facilities and the regulation and monitoring of flows and access points

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