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The Ministry of Industry has been reorganized on October 27, 2010 in accordance with proclamation No.691/2010 to execute its duties and responsibilities with the objectives of realizing its vision by using the newly organized thirteen directorates.

Apart from these directorates, there are 2 Agencies, and 4 Institutions that are accountable to the Ministry.

Since the Ministry is expected to realize its vision i.e. “Secure globally competitive industry sector that would be well founded on the basis of consistent and sustainable development and growth”, the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has given top priority to the sector in connection with the implementation of the ongoing Five year Growth and Transformation Plan.

The need   of reorganizing the Ministry was based on the necessity of expanding industry and investment in order to ensure the country’s growing economy in a sustainable way and help the country to be industrially prosperous where its peoples become free of poverty and backwardness and attain middle level income.

Therefore, the objective of this booklet is to give information to customers and stakeholders about the various core processes and other institutions and agencies that are accountable to the core processes in the Ministry of Industry.

There are a lot of economic development endeavors undergoing in Ethiopia. Among these, the strategy known as Agricultural Development Led Industrialization has been implemented for the last ten years as a result of which the country has been able to register a remarkable result in the agricultural sector. 


The next developmental direction would be to create conducive conditions for the development of the industrial sector which is expected to take the lead in the country’s economy, based on the achievements of the agricultural sector.


Hence, it became necessary to establish the Ministry of Industry in a new way to promote the industry sector, so that it will play a key role in the economic development of the country.   


1.  Vision of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

      To become a country where democratic rule, good governance and social justice reign, upon the involvement of free will of its people and once extracting itself from poverty to reach the level of middle income country within a period of 2020-2023.


1.1 Vision, Mission and Values of the Ministry of Industry of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.



Secure, in 2023 a globally competitive industry sector with a leading role in the economy and that has a rapid, sustainable and balanced growth.


Promote and expand the development of industry by creating conducive enabling environment for the development of investment and technological capacity of the industry sector by rendering transparent, efficient support and services to the developmental investor.



v  We strive for the success of the developmental investor,

v  We are always ready to learn,

v  We work for the realization of technological transfer,

v  We stand for environmental wellbeing and protection,

v  We strive for effective and coordinated implementation,

v  We promote fair and just participation and benefit,


2.  Duties and responsibilities of the Ministry

v Promote the expansion of industry and investment;

v Create conducive conditions for the acceleration of industrial development;

v Provide support to industries considered to be of strategic importance;

v Create enabling environment for domestic and foreign investment;

v Facilitate the provision of efficient one-stop shopping services  to investors;

v Ensure that public enterprises are effectively managed and privatized in compliance with the law;

v Encourage the establishment of sectoral and professional associations; and strengthen those already established.





3.  Common Powers and Duties of Ministries

Each Ministry shall have the powers and duties to:

3.1.   In its area of jurisdiction:

a)   Initiate policies and laws, prepare plans and budgets, and upon approval implement same;b)   Ensure the enforcement of federal government laws;c)    Undertake study and research; collect, compile and disseminate information;

d)   Undertake capacity building activities;

e)   Provide assistance and advice to regional states, as necessary; and provide coordinated support to regional states eligible for affirmative support as coordinated by Ministry of Federal Affairs;

f)    Enter into contracts and international agreements in accordance with the law;

3. 2  Direct and coordinate the performances of the executive organs made accountable to it under the laws establishing them or  under Article 33 of this proclamation; review the organizational structures as well as the work programs and budgets of the executive organs and approve their submission to appropriate government organs ;

3.3 Supervise the public enterprises made accountable to it in accordance with the public Enterprises proclamation   No.25/1912, and ensure that they operate as development catalysts;

3.4 Address women and youth affairs in the preparation of policies, laws and development programs and projects;

3.5 Create, within its powers, conditions whereby persons with disabilities and H.I.V. AIDS victims benefit from equal opportunities and full participation;

3.6 Exercise the powers and duties given to it under this proclamation and other laws;

3.7 Where necessary, delegate part of its powers and duties to other federal or regional state organs;

3.8 Submit periodic performance reports to the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

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