Daniela Piffer

Accademia Santa Croce

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DescriptionWe are a company that promotes development in rural and urban areas, training in hospitality and catering, agriculture workshops and innovation methods, agri and eco tourism, look at biodiversity and facilitate exchange between universities, collaborate with labs, private enterprises, NGO's and government to make a difference and offer sustainable solutions both in renewable energy and alternative cultivation methods. We are looking at possibilities to engage both in local projects that involve communities and individuals and or government initiatives that include recycling, innovation in providing energy solutions and or bilateral projects in subsaharan countries but not only. We work and collaborate best via partners that can deliver professional services and concrete assistance and help for questions related to various sectors, but mainly interlinked. i.e agriculture, renewable energy, potable water and provision of educational opportunities in rural areas., more explanation can be given via a phone call or email. We represent the interests of companies from the DRC, South Africa ( have lived there for 17 years), Tanzania and Mozambique, Rwanda. A cooperation between Italy and subsaharan countries is highly sought
Organization Type SMEs
Areas of Activities

Agro-food manufacturing, food security, safety and quality control, food traceability, food conservation and shelf life

    Energy production, renewable energies

      Business Offer

      training in catering and hospitality, teaching of skills in the agronomy, agriculture, energy

      we are a social enterprise which is active in the Subsaharan area, we are interested in a collaboration with both rural communities and or urban settings, can offer training in catering and hospitality, teaching of skills in the agronomy, agricultural sector, renewable energy solutions and architecture, engineering via partners that are well established companies, both Italian and international.

      Keywords: trainingrenewable energyagricultureagronomycateringhospitalityarchitectureengineering
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