Abiy Teka

Managing Director
Addis Berry Tea Packing & Wholeseal Trade Enterprise

Bilateral Meetings

  • Saturday (10:00 am - 01:00 pm) Please add the cooperation profile
DescriptionAddis Berry has been striving to contribute towards the development of green economy of Ethiopia in accordance with the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) by owning its own farm land and mobilizing other Moringa Leaves suppliers. Addis Berry has secured about 5.6hactares of plot of land to farm Moringa Stenopetala around Mojo area. Besides producing moringa tea leaves this activity plays pivotal role in fighting climate change, deforestation, and soil erosion and to conduct beekeeping. This will definitely serve as a role model for farmers residing in the nearby villages and encourage them to be engaged in moringa farming. This is a justification for an SME it is possible to involve in an agro-industry processing sector that contributes towards developing green economy which is in accordance with the GTP of Ethiopia.
Organization Type SMEs
Areas of Activities

Agro-food manufacturing, food security, safety and quality control, food traceability, food conservation and shelf life

    Research & Development

    Application of Moringa Stenopetal Plant

    we need any interested party to work with us as partner

    Technological Request

    Food Processing

    we need a technology that enable us to compute in the local and international market

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    1. Sales / Distribution
    2. Technical co-operation
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    1. Technical co-operation
    2. Manufacturing agreement
    3. Sales / Distribution
    4. Investment/Financing