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IBIS Power is an award-winning company providing effective, innovative renewable energy solutions with highest impact to society. Our motto is “Redesigning Renewable Energy”, as we take state-of-the-art technology and transform it into solutions with added value towards a resilient future. We developed already two products which are market ready, and already have ideas about our next ones.

The Integrated Wind Roof Energy System (IRWES) is the breakthrough solution to overcome all shortcomings of existing renewable energy technologies. IRWES is a roof-mounted, elegant structure with an internal turbine making use of smart aerodynamics. It is more efficient than any free-standing small wind mill, and more efficient per square meter than solarpanels from 20m or higher. Most importantly, IRWES meets important customer’s demands by differentiating in its aesthetical integration and customization possibilities; creating added value as an outstanding, attractive solution.

Only recently, IBIS Power has developed its second product: the Remote Wind Energy System (ReWES). This is our newest ground breaking innovation, as a reliable, resilient and decentralized energy solution for areas with zero-access to power. By being a mobile, self-deployable and controlling installation and generating power from wind and sun, ReWES is the solution to the emerging demand for emergency generators in development, remote, post-disaster, post-conflict or refugee areas, where human health, safety and development is at highest stake. 

IBIS Power is a fast growing company who has increased from an International and diverse team of four to eleven with still four vacancies to be filled soon. In April 2015, we started the H2020 SME Phase 2 project funded by the European Union where we received a score of 14.35 on scale 15.00, being the second best in Europe. All the topics of our application for our IRWES product were granted with Excellent for our technology innovation, sustainability and impact, and business plan to roll out on the European Market. We are currently looking for capital investors and partners in production and distribution to further accelerate and grow, and bring our products to the global market.

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