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DescriptionCluster on Environmental Management and Sustainable Architecture.
The Company Cluster’s Mission is Building a Sustainable Future by providing Sustainable Services and Technologies for the environment and  architecture. Services offered: 
Environmental Due Diligence, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Air, Soil and Groundwater monitoring, Soil and Groundwater characterization and remediation, Risk Assessment and Technical Support for Contaminated Sites and Landfill, Greenhouse Gas Accounting, Environmental and Quality ISO Management System, Chemical Laboratory Certified Analysis, Health and Safety procedures and job-releated risk analysis,
  Architecture: Smart Buildings projects, Urban Planning and Design, Interior and Exterior Italian Design, Best Available Low GHG Technologies Analysis and Support, Energy Saving Solutions, Architectural Due Diligence and Energy Assessment
Organization Type Clusters
Organization Size26-50
Founding Year2015
Areas of Activities

Water technologies, space application to agriculture, environmental management

    Energy production, renewable energies

      Business Offer

      Sustainability for Environment and Architecture

      Required Financial, Industrial, Construction and Public Companies involved in new projects, acquisition of assets and management of existing assets.
      Offered technical and design support for Environment issues and Sustainable Architecture
      Offered Support for Risk Management for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in projects, according to Best Practice, International Standards and Equator Principles

      Keywords: SustainabilityEnvironmentArchitectureFinancialconstruction
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