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DescriptionPavan Group is among the worldwide leaders, in the design and engineering of technologies and integrated product lines for cereal based food. We are a strong and solid organization, operating in the food industry as global suppliers of industrial solutions, from the handling of raw materials to the final packaging. We operate in the business through our eight prestigious brands: Golfetto Sangati, Pavan, Mapimpianti, Montoni, Toresani, Stiavelli, Dizma and Pizeta, all leading Italian brands in the food processing industry. These brands have become part of the Group, thanks to a farsighted growth and development strategy, aiming towards a broader service offer and product portfolio. Today, these companies can operate on individual basis or jointly under an interlacing strategy covering all the production process. Pavan Group offers the widest range of solutions for the production of all types of pasta: long and short-cut dry pasta, nest shaped, pre-cooked pasta, couscous, as well as machineries for filled, flat, and extruded fresh pasta, convenience food and gnocchi. They can also provide dies, cutting systems, die washing equipment, packaging lines for pasta, baked goods, snacks and the food industry. Thanks to this integrated and highly specialized supply chain, joining technology, flexibility and reliability all under the same name, Pavan Group can give its outstanding engineering services, all tailor-made to their clients’ requirements. The Group provides a full service strategy that goes from the research and development of new products, to the project and design of manufacturing plants, to the final after-sales training and client services. In the years, Pavan Group has strengthened its positioning and brand image thanks to its top quality standards and product performances. With their over 60 year experience and knowhow, their wide range portfolio covering eight different specialized brands, its consistent R&D investments, the Group can fully provide highly sophisticated processes and automation solutions, both for single technologies as for a multidiscipline turnkey approach. The most important and complex industries of the world, work with a tailor-made solution developed by Pavan, with great results from all point of views: cost controlling, efficiency and product quality. All our technological solutions are characterized by extremely creative and highly personalized projects. Today in fact, in the food industry, excellence is not measured only by the product taste, but also and mainly by the company capability in creating innovation and fulfilling their customers’ continuous demand for new, more efficient and more profitable solutions.
Organization Type Big Company / corporation,
Areas of Activities

Agro-food manufacturing, food security, safety and quality control, food traceability, food conservation and shelf life

    Technological Offer

    production line for pasta and cereal based food

    Pavan company is designing and engineering technologies and integrated product lines for cereal based food. The maain production line proposed are:
    - short cut dry pasta line
    - couscous line
    - long cut pasta line
    - snack pellets lines
    - direct expanded snack and breakfast cereals
    - fresh pasta line

    the range of the production line is, according the products between 100 kg/h up to 6 t/hour

    Keywords: pastacereal basedsnackcouscousprodcution linefood processingfood transformation
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