Ekaterina Ukhandeeva

Export Manager
Pulverizadores Fede S.L.

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Pulverizadores Fede is a technology leader in the production of agricultural crop sprayers and specialist of technology for vertical crops found, for example, in orchards, vineyards and olive plantations. As such, we are well positioned to contribute to Resource-efficient eco-innovative food production, while at the same time strengthening our competiveness and the competitiveness of agricultural sector. Dating back to a Valencian family business founded in 1967, and now we are a modern, innovative and highly organized company that continuously looks for excellence. Our company has steadily invested in R&D, quality, and its trans-disciplinary workforce, to bring highly innovative solutions to the world markets.

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    Business Offer

    Manufacturer of crop sprayers

    We are manufacturer of high innovational and efficient crop sprayers and specialist of orchard, vineyards, vegetables sprayers.
    We offer our own technology of air groups Qi: efficient and profitable technology.
    Our products are manufactured under Ecoteqi brand: sustainable production for efficient and eco-friendly products.

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    Distributors/dealers of agricultural equipment

    Wa are looking for long-term collaborations with distributors and dealers for our products - crop sprayers.

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    1. Sales / Distribution