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DescriptionThe business sector in which Iptsat in 1982 initially concentrated its energies was that of GIS Geographic Information Systems, operating in developing applications for the management of geographic resources. Since 1996 Iptsat draws new life and economic planning from a corporate reorganization operated to meet the growing demand for remote sensing data and the need to create new GIS solutions to meet ever-changing technology. In the following years Iptsat signs an A.A.D. Acquisition, Archiving & Distribution agreement with ImageSat International, which enables the acquisition of exclusive high-resolution panchromatic data from EROS satellites in the constellation. In 1999 Iptsat joined the Business Network of esri Italy, dealing with the sale, assistance and development of customized software ArcGIS. With the growth of its know-how, Iptsat pays special attention to training activities, offering training courses best suited to professions and businesses, with strong skills in computerized management of land and environment. Since April 2008 iptsat AICA is the official test center for GIS ECDL (European Computer Driving License for Geographic Information System). From April 2011 Iptsat is the Local Official Distributor of RapidEye satellite constellation for Italy. MAIN ACTIVITIES Remote Sensing Distribution of satellite images Remote sensing proximity via radio-controlled UAV drones Services of processing and remote sensing data classification Solutions for environmental monitoring, planning and control of the territory Supply of data and value-added services for Precision Agriculture Geographical Information System ESRI Software Sales and Service Customizing GIS solutions, WebGIS, Mobile GIS (Android, iOS) Realization Geographical Data Banks Supply geographical Dataset Developing and updating maps Training Software Esri Courses (ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Sever, geodatabase) Geographic Information Systems Design courses Remote Sensing courses Digital Cartography courses GIS courses ECDL Certification Custom Courses and Training on the job Web development Web development solutions for interoperable catalogs (CKAN open data provider) Development of Electronic medical records - electronic CRF (standard AIFA) Catalogues of data and metadata of biodiversity (Biocase and Geocase Provider)
Organization Type SMEs
Areas of Activities

Water technologies, space application to agriculture, environmental management

    Technological Offer

    Eofarming Earth Observation Map for Farmer

    EOFARMING main objective is to launch in the market an innovative PF service which targets small farms (average size between 5-30ha), addressing a clear user need, and to enter in the emerging market of commercial applications of EO downstream services in agriculture, estimated to be worth approximately € 43 million in 20151.
    EOFARMING will be a unique Precision Farming service that can represent a disruptive innovation in the usage of space technologies in the agriculture industry, by targeting small farms (80% of the European UAA) with an affordable and easy-to-use solution. By opening up PF to small farmers, EOFARMING has the potential to become a game-changer in an agriculture sector which is still characterized by the lack of use of new space and IT technologies. The EOFARMING solution will be based on:
    § The combined usage of GIS and remote sensing, for the development of a Webgis platform related to a geographic database. The webgis interface will make use of an open Source technology (Open Geo suite) in line with the European standard INSPIRE;
    § the use of an innovative algorithm derived from the 3 indexes NDVI(Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), LAI (LEAF AREA INDEX) and OSAVI (Optimized Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index) (developed by IPTAST in collaboration with CRA, Centro Ricerca Agricoltura) for the production of 3 kind of maps simultaneously i.e. crop vigor maps, vegetation status maps, green leaf maps. This maps will be used by crop physiologists, agronomist, farmer and modelers for estimating foliage cover, as well as forecasting crop and yield growth , chlorophyll value .
    § A system for indexing and search of historical data, also based on Open Source technology;
    § A database with thematic maps (. crop vigor maps, vegetation status maps, Green leaf maps )and satellite data (Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8).
    § The use of free data from Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8 as basic information in the realization of thematic maps, thus valorizing EU efforts in provision of open access data from satellites;
    § A Web and a Mobile app to allow direct access to the EOFARM services by workers when operating in the field;

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