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Watly intends to provide solutions to some of the fundamental and global human needs: access to clean water and sanitation, free-energy and connectivity.
The company's mission is to improve global living standards for the most in-need people in the world.  It strives to empower them with new possibilities, by helping them to become healthy, thus dedicating their vital energy to social evolution and education rather than mere survival. Watly primarily product is not necessarily water or electricity, but people happiness and wellbeing.
Watly creates technological solutions powered by clean and renewable energies. They respect and protect the Earth’s ecosystem. They are conceived through innovative design and unconventional engineering approach. Watly is  inspired by the 3rd Industrial Revolution paradigms and its potential. It just so happens that Watly builds the most advanced and beautifully designed solar water purifiers and micro-powers station in the world.

Watly has been founded in 2013 and since then has won different awards and been selected among the top start-ups in the world: top 10 startup Startupbootcamp XL 2013, top 5 Finalists at ACCIO Forum Barcelona 2014, top 8 Finalists Repsol Foundation 2015, Top 7 finalists at Pioneer Festival 2015, top 20 Start-ups at Menorca Millennials 2015, Top 3 BetaPitch Barcelona 2015, Top 8 Finalists at Shift Challenge 2015, Top 3 TechAllStars 2015, top 13 European Pioneer 2015, Top 3 Finalists in Challengers 2015.
It won different awards: Premio Creatic by Tecnocampus University 2013, Foundation Aquae 2015, Spanish Advanced Design 2015.
Approved in Phase 1 of the Horizon2020 Programme - 
Granted the Phase 2 of the Horizon2020 SME Instrument Aug 2015
Organization Type SMEs
Areas of Activities

Water technologies, space application to agriculture, environmental management

    Energy production, renewable energies

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        Business Offer

        Watly builds the most advanced and beautifully designed solar HUB in the world.

        We build the most advanced and beautifully designed solar HUBs in the world. Watly purifies water form any source of contamination (it also desalinates ocean water) without the use of filters. Watly generates electricity off-grid and it also allows internet connectivity every where in the world.
        We are looking for local field business partners being public institutions and/or private companies. We would like to introduce our value proposition to potential customers as well as discuss about industrial joint ventures opportunities in African countries.

        Keywords: clean techrenewable energysmart gridwater purifierwater desalinationinternetIoTbig data
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