Gaetano Antolini

Sales Manager
T.E.C.O.F.I.L. srl

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DescriptionORGANISATION HISTORY/EXPERIENCE: T.E.C.O.F.I.L. plans and manufactures waste water purification and filtration plants for many application fields such as marble and granite, aggregates, ceramic, glass, steelworks, industrial laundries, breweries, tanneries, slaughterhouses, galvanic, dairies. T.E.C.O.F.I.L. is in the forefront and answering to the global market needs thanks to its creativeness and its state of art technology matching customers technical and saving requirements with its concern for environment and labour safety. T.E.C.O.F.I.L. stands up for the complete service given to its clients. It starts from manufacturing process analysis to the real customer’s demands identification: from the basic and integrated systems for problems optimal solution to the machineries making, installation, testing, technical supervision and assistance worldwide. FIELD OF ACTIVITIES: T.E.C.O.F.I.L. srl is specialized in solid liquid separation and filtration above all for mining and metallurgical sector, for quarries, for inert sector, for bentonitic sludge sector, chemical sector and municipality. Supply of processing plants for remediation of contaminated soils and marine-fluvial sediments. Contaminants treated are mainly hydrocarbon, heavy metals, organics, etc. Other contaminants are evaluated case by case. MAIN PRODUCT/SERVICES/TECHNOLOGIES: T.E.C.O.F.I.L. srl manufactures a wide range of filter presses for industrial processes according to customers’ requirements. Further to the structural design which can be overhead or side beam T.E.C.O.F.I.L. srl filter presses can vary in both size and automation level. Also on transportable skid Filter presses, solid/liquid separation, sludge dehydration mobile plants, filter press feeding pump, static thickeners, lime storage bin and dissolvers, chemical conditioning station with inorganic (or organic) reagents. other.
Organization Type SMEs
Areas of Activities

Water technologies, space application to agriculture, environmental management

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      WATER TREATMENT PLANTS - Solid / Liquid separation

      Technologies and systems, waste water treatment, solid-liquid separation, sludge dewatering

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