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DescriptionI represent a coffee roasting company based in Milan since 1947, that has the capacity and knowledge to offer her clients, a big quantity with high quality of coffee roasted as beans as grindid, and coffee caps, and pods. TORREFAZIONE HAITI COFFEE CORPORATION SRL ALZAIA NAVIGLIO GRANDE 154 20144 MILANO - ITALY TEL . 0039.02.422.92.331 MOBILE +303936711954 WWW.HAITICAFFE.IT – commerciale@haiticaffe.it The Italian roasting produces coffee for professional costumers (bar, pub, restaurant, pizzeria). An Italian family has been running the company since 1947. The roasting produces also for a retail market with a chain of coffee caps, coffee pods, and grinded coffee. The Italian enterprise is selling abroad to several countries, but we are going to rise the market. we are looking for distributors abroad for our products. Our job begin from selecting green coffee until to make great coffee cup. After a long time in the coffee market the enterprise developed a great knowhow. and now we put available to our customers. The roasting coffee much time ago had old machinaies but after, recently the enterprise has bought modern machineries with possibility of high productions with automatic controls points into each part of the chain. With The new machinaries (fully automatic) the company is able to recycle the air of roasting process to guarantee more taste. The company has been changing over time to increase the knowledge and the range of products offered to customers. Our main products are several type of coffee blends (how prefer the costumer) strong or medium or light taste, 100% Arabics or 100% robusta o with different percentual. We are able to create a blend with several origins of coffee. Currently we use a blend with 7 type of origins composed from 80 % of Arabics. We can analyze foreign markets and after we are able to copy the coffee blends enjoyed from the customers. With our coffee we create several type of coffee cups (nespresso compatible) coffee pods, and packs of coffee grinded. Now I am looking for a distributor abroad with the capacity to sell a coffee of high taste, to appreciate the quality of Coffee to its costumers. Generally I put the coffee beans into packs of 1 kg valves with or without. But I have the possibility to use other packs for example 250 gr. I use roast the coffee for the distributor 'on demand', after the order, because the coffee blends are personalized, and I prefer to sell 'fresh' coffee. The coffee after roasted will stay into silos for 6/7 days (aging) During the aging, coffee goes through microbiological mutations that keep / modifying its taste. For this reason I am able to deliver the coffee beans not before 10 days. for the coffee grinded, not before 20 days, and for the coffee pods and caps, not before 25 days I put 1 year expiry time but sometime If the clients ask me, I can put 2 years of expiry time but in my opinion I don't recommend it. Generally for foreign market I attach a label (on PVC material) for obbligatory indications in the correct language with the flag of the foreign market. Naturally In the pack of 1 Kg there is also a Italian Flag. I am able to get several health /sanitary certification for foreign market and all you need for the delivery. I would like to put your attention on my capacity to create a blend only for you with your requests. many time I teach how creating a great italian espresso to my clients, (course for bartender) for my clients is critical be able to make a wonderful espresso, Our main strength is really passion for the coffee that becomes several products of high quality. Another strength is our customer care, for each problem our customer can call directly to the chief manager although the company has several employes. A lot of clients are raising business with our coffee avery days this is our happiness. I enjoy spreading the Italian lifestyle.
Organization Type SMEs
Organization Size11-25
Founding Year1947
Areas of Activities

Agro-food manufacturing, food security, safety and quality control, food traceability, food conservation and shelf life

    Business Offer


    The company can produce the quality and quantity that our costumer need.
    usually we use to roast on demand.
    Our packaging could be personalized.

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    Business Request

    The Company is looking for a distibutor for great Italian Coffee Roastead

    The roasting Coffee Company is based in Milan since 1947
    Italian Company is producing roasted coffee for Ho.re.ca market Bar, Pub, Restaurant and so on.
    The Company is looking for a professional distributor to increase the market.

    Keywords: coffeecoffee roastedcoffee podscoffee capscoffee blendsrestaurantroasting
    Cooperation Requested
    1. Sales / Distribution